space cowboy

(silver mini dress: vintage, moon baby necklace: etsy, star tights: h&m, studded boots: vintage)
the woman who sold this dress to our store said apparently it was in a 60's issue of playboy!
sadly, i couldn't manage to find anything online about it...but i'm going to keep thinking it's true.
not pictured: my black fringe suede jacket ♪♫ cuz up in outer space is like the wild wild west ♬


hello listeners

(ceramic eye: street festival, top: oasap, purple dress: vintage, studded boots: buff exchange)
welcome to night vale is the best podcast ever - think lemony snicket meets the twilight zone -
so late last night i snuck into the forbidden dog park to give tribute as my version of cecil...
hopefully the glow cloud accepts this offering and spares my life but until next time,
goodnight blogspot, goodnight xo


dream vacation

  1. airplane leaving portland
  2. and i'm not coming back
  3. visiting my home / school
  4. e.t. glitterphones home
  5. peter pan tattoos or bust
  6. castle love / bday love
  7. riding a gnarly wave
  8. baby eel / moon baby
  9. the sanderson sisters
  10. posing for dragons
  11. inside space mountain
  12. birthday b-*-t-c-h
  13. alien pals / dino pals
  14. perfect florida rainbow
  15. babes / pool hopping
  16. nutella fruit waffle !!
  17. hogsmeade rooftops
  18. three A.M. instax
  19. the 1960's resort
  20. my neighborhood
  21. inside honeydukes
  22. haunted mansion
  23. three broomsticks
  24. my ride / my dude
  25. home sweet home
  26. buy me all of them
  27. tower of peace signs
  28. my kinda cafe / bar
  29. just creating magic
  30. school sweet school
  31. jelly keyboard / hi
  32. buy me all of these
  33. starring ari and kaylyn
  34. honeydukes / safety
  35. peter pan's flight
  36. baby's 1st drink
  37. luggage / boyfriend
  38. cutest film ever
  39. princess visit
  40. inside dino-land
  41. happiest exit sign
  42. i will not leave