summer to do list

    1. roller skate at a rink
    2. see a drive-in movie
    3. float down the river
    4. awesome sleepover(s)
    5. ouija board seance
    6. stick'n'poke tattoo
    7. visit the ocean (again)
    8. cemetery bike ride
    9. make reese's s'mores
    10. watch the sunrise
    i know, i know, it's already august first..but here in oregon, it's really only been summer for about a month (and it will be hot for another month after as well) so i'm not that far behind! also i am just a huge huge procrastinator in general. so here it is: hold me to it! what are your summer goals / what have you done so far this summer that's been awesome? do share! xo


    1. http://rookiemag.com/2013/08/summers-last-hurrah/

    2. this summer was mostly thrifting and setting a blog up. I'm so glad you're posting again!!

      1. i'm glad you like reading! i used to thrift all the time but since i started working at a secondhand clothing store i hardly shop anywhere else! xo