dreamer extraordinaire

(blouse: vintage, pin: etsy, jacket: luella, pants: aa, tote: etsy, chelsea boots: costume national)
with my new-ish (for a month, sorry) rainbow hair, getting dressed is a little more challenging
but also exciting because it forces me to utilize both my neutral colors and technicolor prints
so it pretty much guarantees that no matter what i wear, i won't look boring (my greatest fear)
but it's also easy for me to look overdone or TRYING TOO HARD (a lesser but still great fear)
anyway kate bush rules, pom-pom shirts rule, a pin stating my true career rules, you rule! xo


  1. love your hair<3 like a mix of cotton candy!


  2. Love that second picture and your hair is beyond phenomenal <3

  3. so good, pompoms are the greatest especially hanging ones! yr hair is also A+ and i know what you mean about under-doing it and over-doing it w/ an outfit but i must say you are always on point* and this is no exception. KATE BUSH 4EVER my aunt got me into her at a young age and hounds of love is my fav album maybe i will get a tote too

    1. kate bush is the weirdest but hottest babe and her music videos are probably the strangest thing i've ever watched??? i was uncertain about whether i was ready to go back to the middle school years of tote bags but it's working out p. well so far, i keep finding myself carrying much more than usual just because i actually have space (and to make it not look so shapeless) xoxox

  4. your hair is GORGEOUS.
    it really is nice - you could wear the most simple outfit and still look interesting because of rainbow on your head~


  5. your hair is magnificent. xo

  6. wow, I thought I had rainbow hair already with purple, brown and blond, but this is rainbow hair FOR SURE! This is the real deal, oh my! I love it! wiiieeehhooooooo!!! :)

  7. Love your hair & that jacket is to die for *-*

  8. i. love. your. hair.


  9. you hair wooowwwwww! amazeballs. love the pom poms! your blog is too good as per usual

  10. Wow your hair and clothes are amazing! Was it hard to dye your hair like that? P.S Wish that Id suit a septum piercing as well as you do! :)