birthday list

  1. taschen circus book with all the circus vibes in a big beautiful glossy page format
  2. holographic sequin underoos (i may or may not have already bought the bottoms)
  3. asos baby pink cat-eye sunglasses aka the closest i can get to the miu miu ones ;;_;;
  4. kate bush tote bag by fieldguided on etsy (i may have already purchased this as well..)
  5. bath bombs galore!!!!! assorted from lush, because my natural habitat is my bathtub
  6. mustard yellow triple strap shoes from goldenponies on etsy (also on their way to me)
  7. clear plastic / rainbow phone receiver - because it's funny to have in your purse duh
  8. room 237 overlook hotel custom keychain which is super necessary am i right??
my twenty-second birthday is in a few days, and i couldn't help but make a polyvore wishlist
(including - but not limited to - the items pictured above, most of which i will treat myself to)
but all i really need is a bike ride, a cheeseburger, and a cuddle session with my puppy xo


  1. so many pretty things~
    i've seen these shoes before, they're just amazing >.<

    1. i love goldenponies!!! they're so reasonably priced for handmade shoes xoxox

  2. i actually have sequined hot pants panties, i got them on sale at h&m for 3 bux and i wear them under everything so the whole world won't see my vag when i bend over 'cause i'm tall and my ass hangs out of a lot of my dresses, which is ok, i am cool w/that, but it's better now that i have a glittery butt to show off, u kno? also, my bday just passed on april 7th and i feel u on treating yrself, i got lots of cute stuff! stay cute! and rad! and happy almost bday!

    1. i'm not even that tall and my ass hangs out of everything too, sooo i am p. stoked for my bum to be glittery...definitely the best gift giver is yourself, you know everything you want! xoxoxox

  3. obsessed with all of this! you have such interesting/cute taste.

  4. The Taschen book is a wonderful thing. Have you had a chance to look through it in person? Pretty glorious. All circus everything is pretty much my life, so.

  5. Oh and ps happy soonbirthday.

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