mary ann murphy

  1. golden sun curtains
  2. handmade technicolor carpet
  3. "he's so cute" 2010
  4. beach babe / bike babe
  5. my favorite pair of your earrings
  6. the family, late 1960's
  7. bedroom birdcage
  8. "someone to love" 2012
  9. flowers from friends
  10. found outside of funeral
  11. upstairs / haunted
  12. in the garden, 1970
  13. einstein enthusiast
  14. a new (banana) hat
  15. homemade vhs tapes
  16. my hero, now and forever


  1. this is really beautiful i feel like she is now my favorite person too

  2. this is so sweet, a little bittersweet, but very beautiful.

  3. this is really lovely. it's clear where you got your sense of style and good looks.

  4. She seemed like such a loving lady from these pictures :) you were very lucky to have her as your grandma :)

  5. you told a story in these pictures in a way that i've never seen before and i am moved in odd ways i can't explain, i love it.