abandoned circus (vibes #4)

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i've been really in love with old spooky carnival and circus imagery lately, more so than usual. so many of my favorite books and films (the night circus, the man who laughs, freaks, something wicked this way comes, the prestige, water for elephants, carnival of souls, geek love, the cabinet of dr caligari, mirrormask, cirque du freak, the imaginarium of dr. parnassus, the list goes on and on and on) draw inspiration from bigtop tents and sideshow wonders, and i've completely immersed myself in this dream world. i've compiled my fall wardrobe inspiration with these ingredients in mind: a silver-grey bob paired with large celestial barrettes, thick dark eyebrows, muted circus tent stripes, antique lace and tulle, sequins and skeleton keys. the smell of cotton candy. ferris wheels and ticket stubs. acrobats and carousels. secrets and wonder. xo


  1. so perf! for advanced screenwriting i wrote a feature about conjoined twins who escape from a mean sideshow in 1930s prague & fall in love w/ two creepy twins all while hitler is rising to power, i never finished it because it was too ambitious for a first feature. i dressed up as an edwardian trapeze artist for h'ween a few years ago, i'll always love turn of th century circuses. i also found out just a few weeks back that daisy & violet hilton (from freaks) lived the last 8 yrs of their lives in my city, working at a harris teeter, & are buried here (want to visit their grave this month!)


    1. beautiful!! oh man thanks so much for sharing!! i'd love to see your project, if it ever comes to fruition!! ps daisy and violet are amazing, say hi to them for me xoxoxo

  2. you belong in a circus or a carnival all the time and i mean this as a compliment. this makes total sense, this whole post, in relation to you and yr personality. v cool. it's rly neat getting to see where you draw inspiration from.